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AS42455 - Wi-Manx Limited

About Wi-Manx

Wi-Manx are an ISP based on the Isle of Man providing ADSL broadband, WiMAX, private circuits, VoIP, wireless and security solutions to business and home-users

Autonomous System

Wi-Manx operate using the autonomous system AS42455

Peering Information

We have an OPEN peering policy and would be more than happy to peer

ASN AS42455
Suggested Prefix Count 20
Looking Glass http://lg.as42455.net
PeeringDB PeeringDB.com

Contact Information

NOC Email noc[at]wimanx.com
Emergency 24/7 NOC Telephone +44 1624 641170
Peering Administration peering[at]wimanx.com
Website http://www.wimanx.com

Peering Locations

Exchange LINX
Location Telehouse North
Juniper IP Address
Juniper IPv6 Address 2001:7F8:4::A5D7:1
Extreme IP Address
Status Active - seeking new peers

Exchange IXManchester
Location Telecity William House
Manchester LAN Address
Status Active - seeking new peers

Exchange LONAP
Location Telehouse North
IP Address
IPv6 Address 2001:7F8:17::A5D7:1
Status Active - seeking new peers

Datacentre Telehouse North, London
Private Peering

Datacentre Telecity Williams, Manchester
Private Peering

Datacentre Goswell Road, London
Private Peering